Low cost, low flow chemical dosing


Courtesy of National Oilwell Varco

Hewitt Refractories is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of night storage heater bricks for domestic heating systems, and a range of refractories for domestic appliances.

As the quality of the finished product is dependent upon the accurate dosing of the chemical additive into the refractory material, Hewitt Refractories investigated a number of alternative systems. Compared to other specialist dosing systems, the Low Flow progressing cavity pumps from Mono presented a low cost, accurate and reliable solution.

With an output which is directly proportional to speed, Mono’s LF pump is able to continuously and precisely
maintain the 1 l/min dosing rate required by Hewitt Refractories. Incorporating a helical rotor turning within a resilient stator, the LF pumps produce a smooth, pulse free pumping action which again is critical for consistent dosing.

To withstand the aggressive nature of the chemical, the Mono LF pumps were supplied with 316 stainless wetted parts in a polyethylene housing.

The LF range incorporates Mono’s unique Flexishaft drive system which provides a single component link between the rotary motion of the drive shaft and the eccentric motion of the helical rotor. The reduced number of moving parts in the drive train eliminates wear and makes lubrication unnecessary.

A further advantage of the Mono pumps over specialist dosing pumps is that there are no valves to block, reducing downtime and maintenance requirements.

A choice of three models in the LF range covers flow rates from 0 to 500 litres/hour, pressures up to 12 bar and temperatures from 0 - 70oC.

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