Low Cost TANK DEGASSING OXIDIZER on Single Trailer

Courtesy of Soil-Therm Equipment, Inc.

SOIL-THERM’s direct fired ‘RAMJET’ ROCKET ENGINE technology thermal oxidizer systems are perfect for providing maximum performance in the smallest equipment sizes possible. All equipment, blower, controls, and oxidizer are mounted onto a single dual-axle trailer, reducing MOBILIZATION and DEMOBILIZATION costs immediately. Once at the site, the SOIL-THERM TANK DEGASSING system is quick to startup and begin operation - - reaching operating temperature in as little as 10 minutes. 

Using a SOIL-THERM Model 2030-TD TANK DEGASSING system at pre-burner flows to the oxidizer of only 4000 cfm is able to destroy up to 850 lbs/hour VOC’s (that’s 14.5 MM Btus’ per hour VOC Destruction in a single 8-ft x 30-ft trailer)!  One of those huge MONSTER oxidizer systems on two or three trailers or a bunch of IC engines couldn’t even match this size and performance. SOIL-THERM Tank Degassing systems are the most powerful oxidizers for their size and we design them to provide you with lower operating cost and more profitable TANK DEGASSING operations everytime!  

Additional features include: Low NOx emissions (less than 10 ppmv @ 1580F), lowest supplemental fuel requirements (no ‘available heat’ losses like the others), and fastest startup and shutdown in the industry. We can even install a Control Room for your Operators to get out of the bad weather and operate the system safely anywhere. 

IN SUMMARY: SOIL-THERM direct fire “ramjet” ROCKET ENGINE oxidizer technology offers the best value in the industry and can save you thousands of dollars on every job! Call us at (818) 706-9875 x113, or email us at sales@soiltherm.com for more information on the most powerful, small sized TANK DEGASSING OXIDIZERS on the market ! 

 Brochures:  http://www.soiltherm.com/products/tank-degassing-oxidizers


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