Low emissions from large plants too


Courtesy of Hofstetter BV

Type     HOFGAS®- LPM 3000
Performance     3’000 Nm³/h, 15’000 kW
Location     Scotland (GB)

Every year, 150’000 tonnes of waste from Edinburgh, Lothian and the Borders Region are brought to the Dunbar landfill site. The waste is transported by rail to the site.

In 2002, the UK Environmental Agency (EA) introduced the strictest emission regulations in Europe. The flue gases are not only checked for maximum levels of harmful substances. What is also new is stipulation of the homogeneity of combustion through strict directives.
Technical Requirements

  • Observance of directives on emissions in accordance with the EA (Environmental Agency)
  • High temperature combustion at 1’000-1’200°C and residence time of ≥ 0.3s
  • Gas flow 3’000Nm3/h
  • Remote monitoring of plant

Utilisation of the HOFGAS®- LPM degassing plant with the HOFGAS®- Efficiency high temperature flare. 

In view of the considerable diameter of the combustion chamber and the strict regulations on flue gas, Hofstetter has designed a special form of burner geometry. Thanks to this innovation, the required levels of flue gas are maintained at every check point.

The site owner operates two gas-powered engines using gas from the landfill site, thereby generating 3.5 MW of power.
Client’s Benefits

  • Space saving and cost effective, only one large flare instead of two smaller units
  • 3.5MW of power can be generated and sold
  • Long service life of plant
  • Low maintenance costs


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