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Low natural terrestrial radioactivity in oil–derived lubricants

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Oil and gas production processing operations have been known to involve naturally occurring radioactive materials that lead to internal and external radiation hazards and thus a significant radiation dose to the workers. In this work, samples of nine oil lubricants used on a daily basis were collected from local suppliers in Egypt and analysed to determine their natural radioactivity. The activity concentrations of the radionuclides were measured using a coaxial Hyper Pure Germanium (HPGe) detector system, and derived doses were evaluated. The average activity concentrations obtained were 0.57 ± 0.04, 2.33 ± 0.39 and 5.44 ± 0.27 Bq kg
Th and
K, respectively. The absorbed doses were very low ranging from 0.57 to 4.20 nGy h

Keywords: natural radioactivity, oil lubricants, absorbed dose, low radiation, radioactive materials, radiation exposure, Egypt, radionuclides

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