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Low Pressure Separation Membrane: Purification Of Landfill Gas


Summary: The paper is presenting preliminary results of the on-site trial of the gas purification pilot plant based on membrane separation technology, operating at relatively low pressure- This trial is an initial phase of a bigger project aiming at production of clean and high calorific value gas that could be used as a substitute of fossil fuel. e.g. for powering vehicles. The objectives of the tests are to fmd the optimum operating parameters and to prove the environmental impact and economic viability of this technology in comparison with other biogas utilisation options. Results of this project will determine the decision about further developments. The gas pre-treatment train has been extensively tested and proved adequate design. The membrane efficiency results and the economic model will be presented at the conference and will be available on request.

Membrane separation technology for landfill gas upgrade has been employed on various sites across the world with considerable success. Separated methane at concentration 90% by volume with a methane recovery of 80% gives renewable replacement for diesel or petrol fuel for road vehicle or landfill site equipment use. Carbon dioxide, if compliant with relevant standards, can be also used for commercial purposes. The advantage of the process being developed by Biogas Technology is that the membranes work under relatively lower pressures than in other installations.

The research undertaken by Biogas Technology is divided by several stages:

  • Gas pre-treatment
  • Efficient utilisation of the Membrane Technology, linked later to storage and dispensing treated landfill gas
  • Refinement requirements and use of by-product of the membrane process (carbon dioxide)
  • Outset for manufacturing facility to mass produce the membrane modules in the U.K. for world export of the finished product.

A pilot plant was built specifically for the purpose of this research. The plant should achieve by design 90% concentration of methane on the product outlet and 80% methane recovery.

This project is included in the framework of the U.K. renewable obligation that planned 10.4% of electricity total sales from renewable sources in 2010.

The paper is presenting preliminary results of the on-site trial of the gas purification pilot plant, based on membrane separation technology. This is the first and second stage of the research and the follow up of the project will be based on its results.

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