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Low thermal mass gas chromatography – Analysis at MACH speed

Gas Chromatography (GC and GC/MS) analysis has been the mainstay for the analysis of regulated organic contaminates in the environmental field. Numerous advancements have occurred in GC instrumentation that include improvements for injectors, detectors, automation, software, and GC column choices. Although many advancements have been made in GC technology, very little has changed for column oven design and operation. Traditionally, GC column ovens are still large, with huge power requirements, limited temperature programming rates and long cool down times, dictating the overall speed of analysis.

Recently Low Thermal Mass (LTM) technology, developed by RVM Scientific, has become commercially available from Gerstel as the Modular Accelerated Column Heater (MACH). This new technology has dramatically increased the speed of analysis while still maintaining chromatographic resolution. Key to this new technology is that LTMhardware can be retrofitted to GCs currently in use, providing ultra fast temperature programming with unprecedented cool down time and extremely low power consumption.

This presentation will discuss data obtained from the MACH and lessons learned for dual column PCB and Pesticide analysis, column selection and optimization, and retrofitting MACH hardware to instrumentation not currently supported by the manufacturer. Several case studies will be discussed on how fast GC analysis can provide benefit to the contract lab industry as well as the environmental professional who utilizes lab services.

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