Lowes Plaza commercial wastewater system information

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Commercial wastewater is usually highly concentrated in organic content and complicated by sanitary routines and house keeping habits that shorten the expected life of the soil disposal system.  Advanced wastewater treatment will preserve the disposal system indefinitely and often represents a one to three year return on investment for commercial facilities.

This Aquapoint wastewater treatment plant, in a suburb south of Boston, serves three commercial shopping plazas and an office complex. Prior to its construction, two existing plazas, including several restaurants, retail outlets, and a supermarket, were operating on failing septic systems. The town’s need to remediate the problem and the associated health risks, enabled a developer to build a third commercial plaza, providing a collection and treatment system for the surrounding commercial development.

Because of the existing local septic system problems and high flow rates to the plant, the treatment system was permitted under Massachusetts Ground Water Discharge standards (Effluent BOD<30, TSS<30, TN<10). With this level of treatment the life of the leach field will be extended and the integrity of the ground water preserved.                  

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