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M-Coating – drain & sewer spraylining the economical solution to manhole shaft renovation


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M-Coating – Procedure for renovating a manhole shaft using ERGELIT Kombina KS

M-Coating is a new, innovative renovation technique for both round and rectangular drainage shafts from 500mm to 1200mm. It is based on over 15 years of the Hermes company’s experience. Using this centrifuge spray technique, walls of shafts up to 10 metres deep can be coated to a realistic thickness. All the necessary equipment is contained within a specially designed, rugged, covered trailer. If required, special versions are available (e.g. for the Hächler system).

Brief description

For the essential cleaning of the shaft walls before any spray-coating takes place, the M-Coating trailer is equipped with a specially designed cleaning nozzle (TSSR) with a 280 bar (working pressure) high pressure water pump. This TSSR is introduced into the shaft by way of a swinging boom which is set up at the rear of the trailer, and an electric winch. The nozzles of the TSSR can be adjusted to suit any diameter shaft from 500 to 1100 mm, at a regular but short distance from the surface to be cleaned. The arm holding the jets is controlled by an electric motor. The result is even, thorough and efficient cleaning. It is no longer necessary to give the walls a final cleaning by hand.

Expert reports on the hydro-dynamic trials of the Turbo Special Shaft Cleaning Nozzle (TSSR) in terms of the amount of material removed.

For the coating process, a well balanced system is available, consisting of a mixer, a pump and a centrifuge motor. All three components arte fully automatic. Only one person is needed to fill or check on the mixer and the pump. The centrifuge motor is hoisted up and down at a constant speed within the shaft by a winch fixed to the boom. The spray-head is designed to produce very little soiling of the mounting-points.

Depending on the diameter of the shaft, a coating thickness of 0.5 to 1.3 mm is achieved at each pass, using ERGELIT Kombina KS. Special orders can be taken for a ‘maxi’ version of the spray motor (for coating larger shafts).

The operation can be carried out successfully by remote control, or by a second person at the shaft operating a foot-controlled switch. Laterals are closed off and climbing rungs can be masked off. When coating with ERGELIT dry mortar Kombina KS, the technical instructions must be respected. We distinguish between ERGELIT Kombina KS1 for domestic wastewater, KS2 for industrial wastewater, KS2a in cases of biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion, KS2b for heavier corrosion by biogenic sulphuric acid, KT where static loading is heavy and at the same time corrosion protection is required as per KS1.

A generator producing 12kVA supplies all components with power. All electrical items are controlled and safety-regulated from a central switchboard. Insulation panels dampen excess noise. Integral ventilators take care of air-supply, air-evacuation and removal of exhaust gases. Lighting is included to enable work to continue after dark.

The KS-ASS trailer is equipped with all necessary items for workplace security as well as operator safety. The trailer itself runs on a comfortable in-line set of tyres. It can take a load of 600 kg of ERGELIT dry mortar, bringing the over-all weight to 2.5 tonnes.

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