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M-I Swaco shows their leadership in oilfield services


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M-I SWACO has become the only oilfield services company to join major operators Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Unocal and several refining and chemical companies in adopting the unique IMPACT Enterprise loss prevention software package. Developed by Houston’s Syntex Management Systems, IMPACT is quickly becoming a standard in the oil and gas industry. M-I SWACO is partnering with Schlumberger and Syntex to launch IMPACT in North America in August and globally by January 2006. Acoreteamunder Corporate Safety Manager, Durwin Speidel, is busy planning the configuration, training, and implementation process, said Vice President of Global QHSE, Lee Turner. “Our commitment in this global initiative is a major milestone in achieving our QHSE Vision of being recognized in our industry as the global leader in QHSE performance,” Turner said.

Once IMPACT has been rolled out and key staff members trained in its use, Turner said the M-I SWACO QHSE efforts will benefit appreciably: QHSE and ISO managers will no longer have to rely on scores of spreadsheets and local databases to record QHSE and some servicequality statistics. With IMPACT, they will simply enter this data into a Web-based interface on their laptops, and it will be stored in a powerful relational database on servers in Houston.

Business development managers will be able to quickly and easily extract QHSE and some service-quality statistics required for bids and customer business reviews by product line, customer, and by any geographic level, including district, country, region, hemisphere or corporate. Authorized employees at any level will have the capability to easily convert any QHSE statistics into a wide variety of graphs and charts that can be inserted into presentations for management meetings, customer presentations, and industry associations, among others. From their laptops, managers at any level will be able to check the progress on resolving action items from the investigation of accidents and service-quality failures at any location in the company. “This will help us increase accountability, and ensure that actions are closed by the target dates,” said Turner. A special workflow process is configured insideIMPACT will actually generate email notifications to managers whenever they are required to name an investigation team, review the basic causes of an incident, publish the related action items and target dates, etc. Hyperlinks in these emails will take the managers directly to the exact location in IMPACT where their involvement is required to keep the investigation moving and close it out.

For “High Value Learning Events (HVLE),” such as failures and near misses with catastrophic potential, IMPACT will trigger alerts that are quickly sent globally to every employ8ee in the company who needs to know. ISO managers will be able to check that action items from ISA and other QHSE audits are finished on time, which is a key requirement for improving QHSE performance and decreasing the frequency and cost of audits. Turner said all these features will be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all employees and managers who are authorized to access the M-I SWACO Intranet.

“The IMPACT software will become an integral part of the company’s QHSE Management Systems and ISO certifications, giving us more standardized QHSE processes around the globe. IMPACT will be a key tool in our efforts to develop a corporate culture where product quality, service quality, and QHSE are just as important as other business drivers such as revenue, EBIT, and market share,” Turner said.

“But most importantly, IMPACT will raise the awareness of all our employees to managing the risks we face every day in the workplace, and driving to and from work. This in turn will lead to fewer accidents and injuries for our employees, making M-I SWACO an even better company to work for,” Turner said.

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