M&J shredder on its first Turkish demo tour

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Companies active in the field of environment technologies are increasing their attempts to make their products more known at the Turkish market. One of the most obvious reasons is of course that in Turkey you see that environmental technologies are becoming more prominent and today waste are seen as an important resource.

As Turkey has started to see waste as a separate and important resource with positive influence on both the economy and the environment it opens up for new opportunities for our activities within waste recycling on the market.

We are a Danish company who produce M&J shredders for the waste industry and we have more than 150 years of history within engineering and our M&J shredders are well known within the waste industry worldwide. Today we have more than 500 M&J shredder installations globally including one shredder operating at Izaydas in Izmit, Turkey.

To give our customers the best possibility to find the right shredder for their installation we have a demo shredder which up until now has carried out demo activities all around Europe. However it has never before visited Turkey and the Asian market, and therefore it was a historical moment when it arrived there in May 2011.

After one week performing 5 demos at different customer plants, Metso Recycling Turkey Country Manager Güray Kir says; “M&J demo work is an important step taken in this field and the interest from our customers indicates that we need to repeat the demo in a wider region of the country.”

Turkey is only in the early phase of the recycling business and the industrializing of the industry; however it looks like it is moving on high speed. The companies in the industry are very active when it comes to visiting exhibitions, performing test and comparing technologies and visiting existing plants. We have even noticed that they are willing to travel all over the world to do research and make sure they make the best investment.

“By offering a demo to the customers we try to reverse this trend of them having to decide about a shredder by seeing it on exhibitions or watching it operate at reference plants and in waste that are not 100 % similar to the waste they have themselves. Our demo shredder is mobile and we can therefore bring it to their plant and make it operate in their specific materials. This enables them to do a more exact calculation of many parameters such as capacity, grain size and density.”

Güray Kir continues; “At our first demo tour we preformed tests in very different materials such as: household waste, hazardous waste, green waste – tree roots and branches.

At every plant the results were satisfactory for both the customer and us. Even at one of the sites we visited where the customer already made investments and was operating in waste, we succeeded in delivering a convincing result. They have difficulties with their current machine and disintegrate the materials, which has resulted in an overburdened of the capacity. However the M&J shredder preformed well and with very positive results for the customer.”

Our shredder is a primary shredder and since these are the machines that do the hardest work on a plant we have designed it to perform well even in difficult materials and in materials that have not yet been separated. You do not always have the chance to separate the material and it may cause problems when sand, stones and metal comes into the machine. In order for the rest of the plant to operate constantly a primary shredder must be capable of being reliably and working in such materials without any stops.

Country Manager Güray Kir emphasized the fact that Metso not only sells shredders, but also guide customers in making the right solutions when it comes to size and placement of the shredder, since these matters are just as important.

Acknowledgement: Recycling Industry Magazine, Turkey

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