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Magnetic filtration used in a candy manufacturing plant

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Candy Manufacturer

Pt. Mayora Indah Tbk.

PROBLEM: High levels of finished product being rejected due to ferrous contamination.

SOLUTION: Beny Hermawan of PT. Sinarmentari Indoprima the Indonesia distributor for OEI installed an OEI magnetic filter rod (3RNC5812) in an existing T-Strainer on the finished product line (photo A).

RESULTS: Photo B: contamination captured 44 grams of ferrous contamination after only 2 days of production.

“Since installing the OEI magnetic filter our product rejection from metal contamination has been reduced considerably. Our product quality and production has increased significantly. We have installed 6 more magnetic filters and are very appreciative of your product. ”

OEI magnetic filters are also installed to clean product purchased from other vendors. This helps quality control with inspections.

The OEI magnetic filter is easily cleaned and the trapped contamination can be analyzed for component wear identification allowing predictive maintenance planning. For further information contact our office or visit our website

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