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Maintain a Healthy Workplace with Oil Mist Collectors


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Many machining shops use a variety of metal working fluids, which support the creation of the metal components. During the creation process, lubricants and coolants get converted into vapors, aerosols and mist, which can be very harmful to workers who work in the facility. The inhalation of metal working fluids can lead to a number of medical conditions, which includes irritation of the eyes, skin, throat and nose, dermatitis and diseases such as bronchitis and asthma.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration – OSHA
OSHA understands the seriousness of the situation, which is why it has set out some standards to help businesses safeguard the health of workers and maintain a clean environment. It has also been recommended by OSHA, to use personal protective equipment and ventilation systems, such as an oil mist collector to stop the flow of dangerous air contaminants.

Popular Product for Machining Business
A popular product for businesses is an oil mist collector. Different types of filtration and separation technologies are used by this, which safely ventilate metal working fluids from a surrounded machining center. These also provide a perfect solution for air ventilation and fluid drainage.

Create a Clean Environment

A mist eliminator is famous for its design, compact size, typical clean air solution and widespread filtration skills. Fitting and using an oil mist collector has many advantages:

Complete Filtration Design

The mist eliminator is designed to provide widespread filtration of metal working fluids. It features three stage filters, which carefully remove any touches of liquid aerosols in the environment and deliver clean air.

Brilliant Efficiency

The system allows both active mist and oil ventilation. These are designed to handle the entire volume of the mist produced and can filter contaminants that are less than 1 micron in size.


The size and design allows easy replacements, relocation and installation. These can be fixed to a larger central air system for improved air filtration.

Easily Maintained

These can be used for long work periods with slight maintenance. They are famous for their durability and offer years of service in a business application.


The mist collectors are cost-effective when it comes to operational costs, initial purchase price and maintenance contracts. The solid field reduces the amount of electricity used, which leads to fewer operational costs.

Oil mist collectors are the first choice for increasing health and safety at work in industrial facilities.

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