Maintaining Commercial Carpets Using the Best Carpet Cleaner

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Using the best carpet cleaner is imperative to get optimum results while maintaining the looks and hygiene of restaurants. Commercial places such as hotels and restaurants attract heavy footfalls throughout the day. Some of the common problems they have to deal with include cleaning food stains and liquid spills on carpets apart from keeping the premises clean and inviting while ensuring customers are not inconvenienced.

Deploying the best carpet cleaner available means using a machine designed to clean restaurants and hotels faster than other conventional cleaning methods. There are a host of options available for you to choose a machine that is just right for your specific cleaning requirements. The ideal carpet cleaning machine must be able to clean all types of carpets, rugs, and upholstery perfectly.

The best carpet cleaner has a rugged construction to help it withstand the rigors of the task and also to ensure durability and performance assurance. Advanced cleaning machines for carpets come with a low flow technology which works perfectly well for restaurant carpet cleaning. These carpet cleaners use the least amount of water for cleaning but that does not affect their cleaning capability in any way.

The technology of using minimum quantity of water ensures that the cleaning process is completed faster and the carpets are back in use within as little as two hours. Conventional carpet cleaning machines use excessive amounts of water and the drying time can be as much as 24 hours. This forces restaurants to curtail business hours in a major way.

Commercial carpet cleaners have undergone a major change as far as use of technology is concerned. When pre-sprayed with cleaning chemicals, modern carpet extractors can rely on extraction features to eliminate soaked carpets. These carpet shampooers are popular because of their improved extraction power which leaves behind very little residual liquid. Carpet cleaning is done faster and carpets are available for re-use in the shortest possible time when the right type of carpet cleaning machines are used.

You can now take advantage of heated commercial carpet cleaners designed for tackling dirty carpets in high traffic areas such as restaurants. The hot water and cleaning mixture is injected deep into the carpet which helps in dislodging the deep set dirt and the bond between grime and carpet fibers. If you use the best carpet cleaner from reputable companies, you can ensure that your carpet is free from mold, bacteria and fungi that tend to develop in moist conditions.

Hot water output from carpet extractors can reach temperatures up to 210°F. The deep cleaning and powerful extraction action make sure that settled dirt and grime is eliminated completely leaving behind carpets that are clean, germ-free and fresh.

The best carpet cleaner is made of durable materials and comes with many accessories designed to help you carry out the task effortlessly and quickly.


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