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Maintaining level of acidulants in the food industry case study


Reducing delivery costs and time by utilizing Solid's SmartScan 25L for level measurement of acidic liquids in Gadot Biochemical factory.

Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd. (GBI) located in Israel, is a prominent world-wide supplier of ingredients and fine chemicals for the food, cosmetic, detergent, and pharmaceutical industries, and specializes in the manufacture and development of Citric Acid, Citrates, Phosphates and various mineral fortifiers.

The problems

Gadot Biochemical specializes in the production of Citric Acid for the food industry. This acid is used in soft drinks, laxatives and cathartics and other kinds of food applications. Gadot is using many kinds of substances in the production process of the citric acid; one of them is sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is known to be a highly corrosive, dense and oily liquid. This acid is stored in a farm of metal tanks positioned in a dividing pool that prevents the acids from permeating into the ground in case of overflow. This pool is the government's environmental dep' instruction for preserving a clean and healthy ground water. Therefore it was essential for the production engineers to keep a close watch over the amount of acid in the tanks to prevent it from over spilling.

The filling of the tanks is done manually. A supply truck arrives every day and fills the acid into the tank. The driver needs to know the exact amount of acid already in tank to keep it from over filling. The tank's height reaches nearly six meters (19.2ft) and can contain around 160 cubic meters of liquid. Due to the acid's acerbic nature, it is difficult for the production personal to approach the tank's surroundings. Additionally, the environment inside the tank is highly acidic and may cause vapors during the filling process.

The solution

'We were looking for a reliable device that will be able to provide us with constant readings of the acid in the tanks, and will be durable enough to survive in the problematic conditions of the tank', said Sarid Katz, Production Manager with Gadot Biochemical. GBI chose to install SmartScan 25L in the sulfuric acid tank. SmartScan 25L uses a non-contacting ultrasonic measurement method based on Solid's patented technology. It is equipped to measure liquids of up to 40 meters (131 ft.) height, delivering accuracy of 0.25% of measuring range. The SmartScan 25L is a two part system comprised of electronic unit and a sensitive transducer. The transducer was positioned on top of the sulfuric acid's tank and the electronic unit on the wall next to the tank. The electronic unit, being equipped with an LCD display enables the production engineers to follow the readings of the acid level inside the tank continually. The Polypropylene (PP) transducer provides a cost-effective solution for the tank's corrosive environment while supplying accurate level readings of the acid, regardless of the vapors appearing during the fillings process.


GBI has now a reliable device that replaces an old mechanical meter used previously in the factory for measurement of the acid level in the tank. Furthermore, the SmartScan 25 non-contacting technology reduces enormously maintenance cost and provides a cost effective solution for GBI. The SmartScan 25L can also operate five independent SPDT relays that can be connected to pumps, alarm systems and other control devices. Additionally, it offers a PVDF sensor housing durable in extremely corrosive environments.

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