Maintenance of a Rainstore3 Stormwater Storage Chamber


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

Invisible Structures, Inc. recommends that stormwater be pretreated prior to discharging into the chambers to avoid foreign matter accumlation inside the chamber. This can be accomplished by a variety of techniques or products. Some examples are:

Short Term Storage (Detention Basin)
“Zero” maintenance – the Preferred Method:

Use a natural, or “Bio-Filter”, inlet device – essentially a porous pavement or swale, to pre-filter trash and sediment laden runoff before capture and conveyance into a Rainstore3 chamber. Use of a simple 10-12” deep sand, or sand/gravel, filter pavement or swale will provide adequate vertical flow capacity (20 to 35+ inches per hour) and residence time to capture coarse debris and trash at the surface, with sediment and hydrocarbons (and even most traffic generated metals) kept in voids of the section for treatment action by bacteria and oxidation.

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