Maintenance of Oilfield Drilling Mud Decanter Centrifuge

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Decanter centrifuge is widely used in drilling mud separation to separate smaller solid particles after the equipment processing such as drilling mud shale shaker and drilling fluids mud cleaner or desander and desilter. Usually, decanter centrifuge is equipped with screw pumps or slurry pumps to feed drilling mud to the centrifuge. Correct and proper operation and good condition make sure that drilling mud decanter centrifuge operate ordinarily with high performance. Next, in this essay, expedient measures to maintain drilling fluids will be closely described by steps.

Examination before processing drilling mud decanter centrifuge. Details including the followings.

1/ Make sure there is no other objects around the rotation part of the centrifuge.

2/ Check the triangle belt tension and casing and confirm there is no any looseness.

3/ Examine if the split-flow valves of the feeding pipes are open or not, and make sure that the valves are open.

4/ Check the water for cleaning and diluting the drilling mud, in case that 5%-8% water can be used to obligate the drilling mud viscosity.  

5/ If the centrifuge remains rest state for long terms, please check if the differential is with enough mechanical lubricating oil.

1/ Primarily Power on general switch and switch of pumps

2/ Start back driver at first and then wait 30 seconds till everything looks well-operated and then start the main driver and pay attention the operation conditions of the main driver.

3/ open split-flow valve and centrifugal pump before main and back drivers are in good conditions.

Tips of stopping operation

1/ Close switch of feeding pump and then stop split-flow valve and feeding fluids valves.

2/ Open water cleaning valve and feed water to the centrifuge, make sure the water feeding lasts 5 minutes.

3/ After the clear up of the scroll impeller, close the switch and water valve, then clean the inner side of the casing to make sure there is no remaining sands.

4/ Close the case protector.

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