Maithan Ispat (MIL) case study


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Maithan Ispat (MIL) are enjoying significant efficiency gains in their steel production process thanks to the introduction of a new 100 ton per hour iron ore washing plant from CDE Asia.

MIL manufactures structural steel for and is a subsidiary of Maithan Group. The Maithan Group is a US$10.5 million diversified group with interests in ferro-alloys, refractories, sponge iron and steel. The group companies enjoy a top 5 position in the refractories and ferro-alloys sectors in India and has 5 manufacturing facilities located in the states of Jharkhand, West Bengal, Orissa and Meghalaya. Group exports are in excess of US$ 6 million per annum through an international trading arm based out of Mumbai and Kolkata.

MIL had intended to put up a washing plant for their DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) plant at Jajpur, Orissa. The objective behind putting up a washing system was to restrict the feeding of fine particles (<5mm) to the DRI kiln as presence of fine particles in the feed drastically reduces the campaign life of the DRI kilns and also reduces productivity & increases the coal consumption rate due to formation of a lining inside the kiln.

To sort out these problems and to ensure a clean and fines-free feed to their DRI kiln, MIL made an enquiry to CDE for a washing system in the Raw Material handling (RMH) section of the plant. After much discussion with MIL, CDE proposed a system that could be retrofitted in their existing RMH system. The idea behind the retrofitted system was to utilize the existing feeding and conveying system so as to make the changes with as little disturbance as possible to current production. The CDE system has been integrated in their existing RMH section utilizing the existing hopper feeder arrangement & the feed and stockpile conveyors.

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