Maize (corn) straw report on shredding and briquetting tests case study


Courtesy of ASKET

Date: 28.04.2012
Place: ASKET, Biomass Division in Gniewkowo
Tested material: maize straw, loose, moisture content 13%
Technology: briquetting set BIOMASSER® DUO-SET:

  • shredder TOMASSER® RK 7,5 kW, screen 15 mm, blades RB
  • briquetting press BIOMASSER® DUO type BS210.


  • Maize straw manual loading into shredder chamber
  • Chopped reed moisture content 13%, good quality of chopped straw, short fraction
  • There was high dusting while chopping rice straw
  • Proudtcivity of the shredder TOMASSER® RK amounted 250 kg/h with screen 15 mm
  • Energy consumption 7,0 kWh per 1 hour of work


There was dusting with many small particles while chopping. The particles clogged the pores of the filter bag placed onto the container of the briquetting press. Morover the bag was strained at the yoke of the container. The bleeding of the air was made in order to lower the pressure inside the container and after that the bag stopped to strain.

Briquette Weight Comparison

  • The measurement was made by weighting 1 meter of briquette having 70 mm diameter.
  • 1 meter of maize straw briquette weights 4,00 kg
  • 1 meter of rye straw briquette weights 2,90 kg
  • Maize straw is 38% heavier than rye straw (cereal straw).


  1. In order to move out high amount of small particles of dust, that block the poores of the filter bag of the briquetting press, we suggest to sew in a sleeve in top part of the filter for placing there a vent pipe (bleeding).
  2. We suggest to equip RK shredder with 11kW motor in order to increase its productivity.
  3. Customers should be informed that shredding maize straw could cause shredder productivity drop by 60%!!! comparing to rye straw. That’s why we suggest to use shredders equipped with bigger motors.

Results for maize straw:

  • 1 meter of rice briquette weights 4,0 kg
  • maize straw is heavier by 38% than rye straw (cereal straw).
  • positive result of briquetting in BIOMASSER® technology.

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