Major discount chain Leader Price found baler solution to handle their waste - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

When discount retail food chain giant, Leader Price, was looking for an efficient waste handling solution to replace their current rotocompactor, they chose Bramidan balers.

Says Leader Price buyer, Mr Cresson, “Rotocompactors are an expensive investment requiring a full service contract as the machines need to be checked every quarter. That’s another 700€ per year for each unit”.

To that can be added the expense of consumables – 1,100-liter plastic bags are used for both plastic and cardboard waste and must be replaced regularly.

Meeting logistical needs

The logistical challenges were also becoming critical. Leader Price staff faced ongoing problems stacking the rounded cardboard bags. As storage capacity is limited, this necessitated an increasing number of collections.

Working conditions were also seriously compromised with the rotocompactor, as the machines need water to prevent dust from spreading inside the warehouse while cardboard is being smashed. “This solution was no longer viable environmentally, given possible water shortages,” Mr Cresson explained.

The solution – and 30% saved!

By choosing the Bramidan B20 and X25 balers, Leader Price was able to cut down costs on new equipment by 30%. Maintenance costs were also significantly reduced as the super-reliable balers only require servicing annually.

On the production side, Bramidan balers have contributed to an increase in the value of cardboard, since the material is no longer moistened with water. Moreover, Leader Price stores can now stack up to three bales in their warehouse. This reduces the average number of collections to one a week.

Today, both cardboard and plastics are being compacted with the same machine, resulting in significant space savings as the footprints of the B20 and X25AD are much lower than the rotocompactors.

Best of all, staff are now enjoying better working conditions. The new balers are less noisy than their predecessors and drier too – eliminating the odor problems associated with mould.

Clear benefits

For Leader Price this waste solution offers clear benefits: A rational investment with savings on many levels – from maintenance costs to increased revenues for waste materials. They also had more available space for storage and improved working environment.

About Leader Price

With a 700m2 sales area - slightly above the average floor area of its competitors - Leader Price is two to four times bigger than traditional discount operations. Today, the company has more than 550 stores throughout France and aims to have over 1,000 outlets operational by 2014.

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