Major Lukoil Project Realized in Record time - Case Study


Courtesy of Implico Group

Set-up of a Central System to Integrate 400 Service Stations in Five Countries

Integrating 400 service stations in five countries, in a central SAP® system, just under 12 months; that was the requirements that Lukoil had when they came to the Implico Group in the spring of 2007. Due to references and their bestpractice approach, one of the largest Russian mineral oil corporations, Lukoil, concluded the contract with Implico. Implico has high-end industry software solutions, namely OpenTAS® and SAP® OGSD (Oil & Gas Secondary Distribution), in addition to their industry experienced consultancy team for the Oil & Gas Industry. The project was realized together with the Lukoil subsidiary LTS (Lukoil Technology Services). One year after the start of the project, the new system went live. The system is hosted in the Implico’s data center in Hamburg.

On the 1st of July 2007 Lukoil took over from ConocoPhillips the complete service station networks in Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Hungary, including the technical equipment, but without the central IT-systcm. The system needed to be replaced as soon as possible. Based on the positive reference from ConocoPhillips, Lukoil decided to use Implico's oil and gas experts.

This European-wide projects biggest challenge was the extreme time pressure. Implico (altogether more than 220 employees worldwide) faced it with an international team of 50 employees, during the peak periods even up to 100 employees. Their great commitment and established know-how were the deciding factors in the success of the project.

Part of the challenging requirements was to supply logistically the complete service station network of more than 400 service stations. This ineludcs the integration of all the processes, and the upstream service station business, such as purchasing and shipping. This is valid for the mineral oil products business transactions as well as for the shop business transactions.

In addition, the new system has to auto* mate several additional processes, for example, mapping the delivered fuel quantities, comparing the quantities sold in the shop with the physical stock information, and validating all the system data in the individual service stations. Implico met these demands by implementing OpcnTAS and intcgrating it into the SAP system. The standard software OpenTAS is an Implico developed universal administrative-,shipping-, and automation system for the oil- and gas industry that forms a powerful communication platform for Lukoil.

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