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Major milestone for Asute Berthing Project

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On 29 April 2004, Amec declared design freeze of the new submarine berthing facility to be built at HM Naval Base
Clyde (Faslane). The primary purpose of the new submarine berthing facility is to support the future operation of the new Astute Class submarines, although Swiftsure and Trafalgar classes would also be accommodated. Approaching the facility from the shore, bridges will provide access for road vehicles and pedestrians as well as carriage of nuclear safety-related
services with two-fold redundancy. The bridges land on a floating concrete jetty with a displacement of approximately
44,000 tonnes. The jetty is free to move vertically, but is laterally restrained by a monopile at each corner. As a floating
structure, the jetty is largely isolated from the effects of earthquake and tidal variation.

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