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Major UK Lottery uses Matrix Gemini BIMS to Manage its Operation - Case Study


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A major UK Sports Lottery has chosen the Matrix Gemini Business Information Management System (BIMS) from Autoscribe Informatics to manage all aspects of its database from confirming eligibility of a ticket for a particular draw to randomly choosing the numbers.

Fast Facts

  • Establishment
    • UK Sports Lottery
  • Industry
    • Lottery
  • Geography
    • UK
  • Challenges
    • Integrate with payroll systems to ensure that only paid up members enter the draw
    • Automatically generate the winning numbers
  • Solution
    • Matrix Gemini BIMS solution
  • Results
    • No coding skills needed to configure the system
    • Weekly draw allocates prizes
    • Monthly draws reward longer term membership

The management of data is an intrinsic requirement for all organizations. Although the basic principles of data manipulation involving the systematic storage, traceability and integrity of data are common across many different applications and industries, it may seem surprising that the same basic data management platform could be used in applications as diverse as a contract testing laboratory, a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, company asset management, tracking the competencies of staff to the specific needs of their role within an organization or even the management of heipdesk software support functions.

However this is indeed the case with Autoscribe Informatics' Matrix Gemini Information Management System. Autoscribe has a rich history with applications in the laboratory workplace with the Matrix range of LIMS {Laboratory Information Management System) providing solutions for around 20 years. Matrix Gemini is the latest product in the range and key to its success is the fact that the software is written in Microsoft's C#. part of the .net architecture, and has a central core code that remains the same however the product is configured. A unique set of Matrix Configuration Tools supplied with Matrix Gemini allows Autoscribe, or indeed the end user, to configure the product to the exact requirements with no custom coding. In addition to the flexibility to address a multitude of laboratory applications in a diverse range of industries, it was also recognized that the product could be extended to more general use. leading to the launch of the Matrix Gemini BIMS (Business Information Management Systems). These features a modular Quality Management Suite which can help facilitate compliance with ISO 9001 (2008) and ISO/TS 16949 (2002) for regulated companies to reduce risk, liability and costs. The flexibility offered by this configuration approach in effect means that the potential applications are almost limitless. So perhaps it should have come as no surprise when a major UK organization approached Autoscribe to configure Matrix Gemini as the management system for it sports lottery.

In this sports lottery application, there are 33.000 active members who are also employees of the organization. Each lottery member can hold up to 5 tickets containing an eight digit number (arranged as four blocks of two digits). Some of the requirements for the lottery management system were to:

  • Integrate with a 3rd party payroll system to confirm that members have paid either weekly or monthly, since payment is taken directly from a member's salary
  • Ensure that only members who have paid up for a particular draw are entered into it
  • Automatically generate the winning numbers
  • Manage separate draws at different intervals
  • Manage a monthly 'reward' draw which selects winners from certain categories

Prizes are awarded in weekly, monthly and 6 monthly draws.

The configutability of Matrix Gemini allowed the creation of a lottery management system that could be used for any organization that holds regular lottery draws. It is well suited to sports and social clubs in large organizations. Matrix features a random number generator which is used to pick the winning tickets from the available pool of valid tickets and manages the winners such that each ticket may only win once in any draw, though as members may have up to five tickets there are additional chances to win. The weekly draw allocates 20 cash prizes ranging from £10.000 to £200. The monthly draw provides additional prizes, usually a piece of sports equipment to reward people who have 5 tickets (and so are more heavily invested in the lottery scheme), people who have increased their number of tickets that month and people who have joined the lottery during that month. Matrix tracks the length of time players have been playing the lottery and long term participants may apply for money from the lottery funds for a grant to participate in major sporting events. These could include sailing round the world, taking part in shooting competitions abroad, or even participating in the Olympic games.

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