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Major Waste Company


Courtesy of Element Markets LLC

Location: Multiple Sites
Project Start Date: 2009

Element Markets works with one of North America’s largest solid waste management companies to produce GHG offsets at several of its landfill sites across the U.S. Our client has voluntarily installed gas collection and destruction equipment at these landfills to create the carbon offset projects, and Element Markets plays several key roles. We manage day-to-day administration, create the project design document used for verification, oversee the verification, and assist in the management of the GHG offsets.

Since 2010, Element Markets has assisted the client in creating more than 250,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions, which they can sell to recover the costs of the gas collections systems. To ensure the ongoing economic viability of the projects, we developed a proprietary carbon offset management system to run the entire process efficiently and effectively.

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