Major Wastewater Treatment Breakthrough in the Mining Industry


Over the past two years, mining research and operations in Ontario have taken off. In fact, you might even say they’ve skyrocketed. This newfound surge can be seen more particularly in the Great North region known as the Ring of Fire, some 240 kilometres west of James Bay and north of Thunder Bay. At the present time, some 40 mining and exploration companies are active at the heart of this coveted and much publicized sector. 

Mining camps popped up so quickly that there was no time to measure the impact of these new activities on the environment. This gave rise to earnest discussions between the OMR and the Grand Chiefs of the First Nations. The Grand Chiefs feared that the activities would have a major negative impact on the fauna and flora of the Great North, a fragile natural environment.

Until January 2011, mining camps were equipped with incinerating toilets to treat black water. Grey water was discharged directly into the environment without any treatment. Then, the MOE intervened by ordering mining operations submit a solution to comply with the disposal standards.


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