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Courtesy of Strautmann Umwelttechnik GmbH

Strautmann Umwelttechnik compacts Styrofoam® up to 700kg/m³
Make money out of your waste with balers from Strautmann Umwelttechnik. Week by week, there are many thousand of tons of waste which arise from packaging material and insulation material, which comes from expanded polystyrene, short EPS, like Styrofoam®.

In the 90s the disposal of this very voluminous material was very expensive for many companies. Nowadays many progressive enterprises earn money from the recycling of this material. Depending on the oil price, between € 150 and € 200 can be obtained.

In the past the biggest problem for the recycling of EPS was the high volume, which resulted in very high transport costs to the recycler and even the frequently used volume trains, couldn't transport more than 1-1.5 tons of material.
Now these costs can be reduced, with the compaction of the material, close to site therefore reducing the logistic costs.

Presently the company, Strautmann Umwelttechnik, from Melle in Northern Germany, installs a fifth of machines to compact polystyrene up to 700 kg/m³. The heart of this range is the SB 301 SerieStyro, a briquetter that produces high density briquettes from Styrofoam® and other EPS materials, approximately 8 by 9 cm with a variable length of 10 cm up to 30 cm. One of these easy to handle briquettes compares to a 1.5 m³ of the original EPS material. This means that the transport costs can be reduced by up to 40 times.

The compaction process is thereby very simple. First the material is conveyed manually or with a conveyor into a shredder, which shreds the EPS. After that it can be transported into a buffer silo or directly into a conveying screw.

Then the material is transported into the press chamber, which guaranties an optimal filing. In the press chamber a cylinder pushes the material into the selected size. Finally through the exit channel the briquette goes into a collection tray or a diverter.

The capacity of the system accounts of up to 180 kg/h. The specific density of the briquette corresponds to about 700 kg/m³.

Until now only screw compactors could be purchased to reach a density of 350 kg and produce at the same time a lot of frictional heat. This can lead to many problems with the machine and irregular compacted material. This is no longer a problem!

Of course the SB 301 SerieStyro works with a modern SBS guiding with concise Touch Panel and other comfortable indicators. For example the automatic start works due to a light barrier. The machine stops energy efficiently, when there is no material in the press chamber and security contacts make the machine stop in cases of emergency.

The tools to shorten the material of the briquetter are secured by fastening closers, which makes cleaning the installation very easy.

The briquetter SB 301 SerieStyro belongs to a modular system, which enables an optimal installation for each type of recycling required.

Through the use of different flexible shredders and the easy handling with the equipment especially with different programmes, it is possible to handle different types of waste. Strautmann briquetters can do Aluminium, tin plates, plastic film, labels, paper and cardboard as well as PET bottles and other technical plastics.

The experts from Strautmann Umwelttechnik have years of experience within the recycling and compaction of different types of materials and different types of installations. There are turnkey solutions for each type of problem, to find the best concept for the customer.

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