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Make Sure Mobile Car Detailing Equipment Should be Easily Portable


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You should never make the mistake of purchasing non-portable equipment, if you have a mobile car detailing business. Mobile car detailing requires traveling to client location for car washing.  For mobile car detailing, you need equipment that are durable, light weight, and easy to carry on a trailer. Many contractors are required to travel long distances to the client location in order to clean cars. That is why, portability is one of the most important factors when purchasing equipment for cleaning cars on client site. The other factors that weigh in on the decision to purchase certain types of equipment for car washing are mentioned below:

Water Consumption
Low-flow pressure cleaner systems for maintaining vehicle exteriors are a must, if you run a mobile car detailing business. These machines have flow rates up to 2.5 gpm, and this low-flow design makes them ideal for use in areas with water scarcity or restrictions on water use. Some car wash machines may have flow rates as low as 0.5 gpm. Using less water reduces drainage problems and the drying times.

There are some car wash systems that offer higher flow rates and you can use them if water scarcity is not likely to be a problem where you work. Many contractors purchase pressure washers with flow rates as high as 5 gpm.

Power Options
Most mobile car detailing businesses use machines that run on electricity. Electric motors do not generate fumes and are eco-friendly.

Some contractors prefer to use non-electric portable car wash machines, if they anticipate scarcity of electricity. These non-electric machines are powered by gasoline, diesel, or propane. The choice of engine depends on the availability of a particular fuel and where you are using the machine. Generally, electric machines are preferred for indoor use. However, you can use non-electric machines, particularly gas- and diesel-run machines indoors, if the machine has a long hose.

Some More Features
A mobile car wash unit has to work under difficult conditions. Commercial car washing involves long hours of nonstop car wash and you need a mobile car wash unit that cleans the maximum number of cars in the minimum amount of time. That is why contractors and car wash businesses invest in a portable car wash system that offers three temperatures settings, hot wter, cold water, and steam. This ensures that the operator is able to use hot water or cold water as required when washing cars.

Other indicator of productivity is the heating time. High-quality steam car wash machines are able to generate high temperatures within a matter of seconds. Some steam car wash machines heat water in just 30 seconds.

Car detailing machines like pressure washers are some of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment designed to clean car exteriors. While choosing car detailing machines, you must keep in mind the pressure levels as well. Pressure levels up to 1500 psi are suitable for washing car exteriors without damaging the paint.

The latest pressure cleaner systems from leading suppliers feature long hoses for improved productivity, continuous emission of super hot steam without any drop in pressure levels, adjustable temperature controls, automatic shutoff technology for increasing the efficiency of the cleaning professionals, rugged construction, and more. Choose the best machine and get superior cleaning results.

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