Make your supplier part of your emergency response team


Your supplier should then make a determination of what fits best. After there is some understanding of the problem at hand, the choice of a pumping system can be made. Your vendor will determine the best combination of a technical and practical solution. The technical factors are usually the easiest for someone to get a handle on. The challenges of the practical solution are more difficult because they can include time and space considerations, geography, and equipment availability.

While on a recent project in Albuquerque, a contractor asked us to respond to an emergency project: a collapsed sewer line that had a fl ow of about 7,000 gpm, with the fl ow-line elevation at about 18 feet below grade, creating a signifi cant suction lift requirement. There was also a time constraint because the collapse was causing the line to backup further upstream. Griffin responded by using an 18-inch Variable-Use Pump with the capacity they needed and the ability to meet the suction lift requirements. With our vacuum-assisted pumps, we knew that we could prime the pumps in a relatively short time and maintain the prime when the system was operational.

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