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Making Deficiency Corrections Can Improve Performance of Your WESP

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The panel/board industry carries a long history in the use of wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs). Initially, WESPs were used as the sole emission control device prior to release of process emissions to the atmosphere. With consent decrees and new, more stringent regulations they became the pre-cleaning device of choice to protect regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) from heat exchanger (ceramic media) plugging and degradation (primarily due to salt attack). The WESP can certainly perform this function, potentially even leading to the ability to run the thermal oxidizer catalytically, saving half of the fuel cost.

However, the older WESP designs have not proven up to the task in meeting the new regulations and suitably protecting the RTO: design deficiencies have been responsible for major operating and maintenance problems. TurboSonic offers solutions which correct these deficiencies and address other methods of improving WESP performance.


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