Making the business case for Building with Nature


Courtesy of Wetlands International

Building with Nature solutions for creating resilient coasts have rapidly gained momentum. How can this concept contribute to solving key challenges related to coastal security, environmental sustainability and spatial development? There is a need for convincing business cases that quantify costs and benefits of this new way of working and compare these with conventional civil engineering approaches.

What does a convincing business for Building with Nature look like?

This workshop will explore what is needed to compile such a business case, which will aid delta managers and corporate stakeholders to make informed decisions about future scenarios, while stimulating the finance sector to consider investment in ¡¥green¡¦ solutions.

Workshop set up:

Keynote presentations and discussion with panel and workshop participants.


  • Building with Nature in Indonesia - Pieter van Eijk, Wetlands International
  • Business cases for Building with Nature in Australia - Mark van Koningsveld, Ecoshape
  • Panel discussion with representatives from government and the finance and engineering sectors ¡V Moderated by Eric Schellekens, Arcadis

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