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Managanese study: Severn Trent


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Severn Trent Water operates a number of boreholes which abstract water from the underlying Sherwood Sandstone aquifer in the West Midlands.  Prior to 2000, manganese concentrations at one of these sources were reported to be <5µg/l but by 2002 were found to be significantly higher than this.  This posed a possible threat to the source.  Further sampling in 2007 suggested that manganese concentrations were still increasing.

Severn Trent Water appointed ESI to try and establish the origin of the sudden onset of high manganese concentrations in 2002 and to investigate possible remedial measures.

An initial desk study was undertaken to collate all historical data and previous site data, therefore enabling a “time-line” of events to be ascertained. Down-hole geophysical logging and sampling was undertaken to allow the previous and new data to be compared and analysed. This aided improved understanding about the nature and mechanics of the manganese rich waters.

Short and long term remedial measure options were discussed with Severn Trent Water and further investigations outlined to help to manage manganese concentrations at the site.

ESI is recognised as a UK centre of excellence for groundwater investigation such as this, and is contracted by both public and private organisations to carry out similar work.

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