Manage Vehicle Traffic Better with a Revetment Mat


A revetment mat contains articulated concrete in an easy-to-install mat system. It is a well‑known method for controlling erosion and maintaining shorelines. However, a revetment mat system also creates excellent roads. You may manage a park where maintenance staff has to travel to empty trash cans or repair bathrooms, or you may require better access roads at your private ranch. No matter where you need a good surface for vehicles to travel, here is why you need to consider the revetment mat:

  • Protects vegetation: Parks are not always just for people and vehicles. There may also be wildlife that needs to graze and travel. When this is the case, you want a road that coexists with vegetation. Revetment maps offer traction for vehicles, but can also allow vegetation to grow between the blocks. You will also find this a useful feature if you want to build an access road through a cow or horse pasture. It will maintain pasture grass while also giving you vehicle access for fixing fences or tossing out hay.
  • Improved traction: Another park feature that must stand up to vehicle traffic is the boat ramp. This essential amenity makes enjoying the water possible, but can also become perilous. Regular concrete gets wet, and that can make it difficult for boaters to get their vehicles up and down the ramp. Revetment mats offer the additional traction to make launching and retrieving boats safer. For roads, they offer better drainage so travel is safer and vehicles stay steady despite rain, ice or snow.
  • Easily build needed roads: Discovering that you require an access road is not always a good development. Constructing one can be a big project that takes a long time and costs money. However, revetment mats make this easier. As a flexible material, they can go anywhere and instantly create a road. There is not the same expense or time demands as is usually required with other types of roads. Also, if your routes must change, the mats can be removed and placed where they are needed. They are completely reusable.
  • Safe on tires: Hard armor material is common in high traffic areas where road wear and tear is an issue. Unfortunately, that abuse is transferred from the road to the vehicle tires of your visitors and employees. Taking the revetment mat route offers the protection needed without wearing out tires on the vehicles that use these roads.
  • Reinforcement: The revetment mat offers reinforcement, whether used by itself or as a base. For roads where you really require longevity, lay down the mat first and then pave over it for vehicle access that is safe and less demanding in terms of maintenance.
  • Safe for pedestrians: If your access roads also host pedestrians, you can rest assured that revetment mats are safe for them, too. The traction is good, and you will enjoy the added benefit of further erosion control by limiting foot traffic on unpaved areas.

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