Management of Waste Generated by Mobile Offshore Drilling Units in the Timor Sea


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 Woodside Energy Ltd is recognised as a major Australian resource company committed to quality and protecting the environment. Woodside actively manages their exploration activities so as to avoid environmental impacts. As part of their Timor Sea exploration activities, they produce a significant quantity of waste that includes a hazardous and industrial non-toxic component. In recognition of the potential pollution problem that improperly managed waste can produce, Woodside operates under a comprehensive Ocean Epoch Waste Management Programme.

The programme, which is an extension of Woodside Energy Ltd's Environmental Policy, prohibits any waste being purposely discharged into the Timor Sea except for comminuted sewage and food scraps and approved non-toxic drilling wastes. The programme requires the Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) and the supporting vessels to actively separate and store in a safe manner all remaining solid and liquid waste. This waste minimisation technique has been given a high priority onboard the MODUs and support ships with all personnel adhering to the requirements of this cleaner production initiative. These activities undertaken by Woodside reflect not only their commitment to the environment but also their desire to minimise financial costs associated with the disposal of waste generated by the operational offshore activities in the Timor Sea.


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