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Management visions of new Japanese firms

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The purpose of this paper focuses chiefly on new Japanese managers, and is to investigate the effects of their management visions, mental attitude before start-up, and family's occupation on the actual sales. Managers with a management vision of increasing the employee size have a higher possibility to become a successful manager. In addition, managers with a vision of choosing a successor other than the family have much better chances to increase the actual sales. Mental attitude, which has consciously worked and studied to become a manager before start-up, has a significantly positive effect on sales. An occupation of family provides no substantial advantage to new managers. These findings indicate that the superior performance of new managers might be primarily driven by mental attitude in addition to management vision. After all, these evidences suggest that successful new managers have the growth orientated propensity before and after the start-up.

Keywords: actual sales, management vision, mental attitudes, family history, non-family successors, employment size, start-ups, new manager, Japan, new firms, new ventures, Japanese managers, family occupation

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