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Managing CFD simulation: reflections around a questionnaire

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The topic is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a simulation tool within the engineering design process. The engineering design process is considered as a problem-solving process and its focus is on the role of simulation. "Simulation" is defined and a distinction between simulation and analysis is made. Based on a theoretical model of the CFD simulation process and the results from a questionnaire, several research questions are suggested. The educational level and experience of the average CFD user as well as the role of the CFD user, the project manager and the functional manager motivate a discussion about personal experience versus organisational knowledge. It is argued that plans for (and research on) personal knowledge build-up, organisational knowledge capturing as well as simulation quality assurance and simulation efficiency development are needed for simulation in general and for CFD in particular.

Keywords: computational fluid dynamics, simulation, engineering design, problem-solving process, competence development

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