`Managing Climate Change Issues to Achieve a Competitive Advantage,` presented at the Recycled Paperboard Technical Association conference, May 2008

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S.2191 –America’s Climate Security Act (Lieberman-Warner)

  • Emission Targets
    • Between 2005 and 2012: 5,775 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent, the estimated levels during 2005.
    • Between 2012 and 2020: Further reductions of 2 percent per year should result in a 15% reduction below 2005 levels.
    • Between 2020 and 2050: Emissions should be reduced by 70% by 2050.
  • Status
    • Markup by committee on December 5, 2007
    • Approved by an 11 to 8 vote in committee
    • State pre-emption proposals were all rejected
    • Recently adjusted the bill to be “deficit neutral”

S.2191 –America’s Climate Security Act Who is Covered?

  • Covered Facilitiesunder the cap and trade system would include
    • Facility that uses more than 5,000 tpy coal
    • Facility that is a natural gas processing plant or that producesnatural gas in Alaska, or any entity that imports natural gas (includingLNG)
    • Any facility that in any year produces, or any entity that in any year imports, petroleum-or coal-based liquid or gaseous fuel, the combustion of which will emit a Group 1 GHG (assuming no captureand sequestration)
    • Any facility that products for sale or distribution, or imports more than 10,000 metric tons of chemicals that are Group 1 GHGs (assuming no capture and destruction of that gas)
    • Any facility that emits as a byproduct of the production of HFCsmore than 10,000 metric tons CO2e of HFC
  • Eligible Facilities include cement plants (and other energy intensive manufacturing) which may be adversely affected by international competition as a result of the indirect costs of the program
    • Facilities are allowed 96% of allocated allowances to existing operations and 4% to new entrants (total of 10% of allowances reserved for energy intensive manufacturing facilities)

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