Managing EH&S software project risks

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Organizations today increasingly face environment, health, and safety (EH&S) challenges. To help meet these challenges, many enterprises are seeking software solutions that will help them remain competitive and avoid using additional staff resources. But what should organizations know before taking on significant in-house information technology (IT) projects? Read on to learn a few ways to manage EH&S software project risks.

In large and small organizations alike, it is not uncommon for IT staff to begin a software initiative only to discover that it has little chance for success. Your organization’s core business strongly influences the success of any initiative. If the software project aligns with the overall business strategy, then it has a good chance for success. Similarly, if the organization views IT as a strategic function—much more than a staff or support function—then the project has a good chance of success (see August 2006 Survey, CIO Insight)

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