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Managing Environmental Impacts can Create a Significant Burden for Mines

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Published in Mining: People and the Environment April 2011

Mining operations have potentially significant environmental impacts throughout their lifecycle from exploration, construction, operation and closure. Companies seek to manage these impacts driven by the need to comply with their own permits, to manage risk and corporate reputation and to save cost. Part of the process involves the setting to targets and collecting data to manage the business against these targets.

Over the years the data management task has grown and changed drastically in terms of volume. An increase in complexity has also arisen, as companies need to collate and report data in different ways, for different purposes and across different geographical and language barriers.

Within these rapidly changing circumstances specialised data management tools bring opportunities to reduce cost, strengthen relationships with stakeholders, reduce risk and, at the same time, improve environmental performance. EHS Data has been providing specialist software tools to help with the data management task for 15 years and now provide systems to a variety of sectors, including mining companies, across the world.

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