Managing Global EHS Compliance case study


Courtesy of Antea Group - USA

Facing the challenges of operating in an international regulatory environment, a global technology company was seeking a consultant to manage its EHS compliance program across 40 countries located throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. Program objectives included ensuring compliance with local EHS regulations and internal management standards.

With a proven track record for delivering innovative global solutions at a local level, Antea Group was retained for the work and currently manages key program elements including EHS compliance audits and training, incident investigations and management, hearing conservation and ergonomics programs, ISO 14001 certifications and maintenance, emergency response and evacuation planning, air emissions monitoring and permitting, and hazardous waste management.

Antea Group manages complex client and regulatory requirements across 300 facilities using our proprietary web-based EHS information management system, iEHS .

Global EHS activities are managed through the following iEHS core functions and modules.

Compliance Calendar
The Compliance Calendar manages regulatory requirements for each facility, with specific activities assigned to the responsible Regional EHS Manager. It captures details of the regulatory requirement, provides e-mail reminders, and tracks completion.

Audit Tool
The customizable Audit Tool provides a consistent protocol used by all Regional EHS Managers to complete EHS interior and exterior facility audits, create audit reports, and track corrective actions to completion.

Facility Profiles
Facility Profiles manage information for each facility, including EHS permits and registrations, EHS risk screening, and contact information.

The Library provides a central location for document management and access.

Issue Tracking
Issue Tracking delivers simple multi-purpose functionality used to manage and track any type of EHS issue to completion. Also used by the Global EHS Program Director to support management of remote staff.

Through Antea Group EHS compliance program management, the client benefits by knowing that their EHS programs are implemented consistently around the world, regulatory activities are performed on schedule, corrective actions are tracked to completion, EHS institutional knowledge is captured and retained, and operational efficiencies are maximized.

Antea Group continues to achieve high performance ratings on the vendor quarterly scorecard and continues to provide the client with EHS program review and update as well as evaluation of new and emerging regulations and their applicability to client operations.

In a recent quote, the client expresses their satisfaction with Antea Group services.
'Antea Group is a valued business partner that supports our mission-critical, global EHS programs. They are entrusted to deliver program-level services ranging from regulatory environmental compliance at our campuses, to health and safety monitoring and reporting for 30,000 employees worldwide.”

“Working closely with our Corporate EHS Department, Antea Group is a key partner in helping us resolve EHS related business problems, adeptly identifying negative trends which would otherwise impact the strong level of regulatory compliance at our operations across the globe.”

“Additionally, Antea Group has introduced a unique knowledge management tool to us. Through use of iEHS , we have benefited and strengthened our management systems approach for developing, implementing and monitoring EHS programs and procedures.”

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