Energy Institute (EI)

Managing Legionella in Facilities

Courtesy of Energy Institute (EI)

The Energy Institute (EI)’s Occupational Health and Hygiene Committee (OHHC) is soon to publish an updated, second edition of its technical guidance on Legionella risk management and control, and new technical guidance on the control of Legionella in cooling towers.

Legionellosis, also known as ‘Legionnaires’ disease’ is a severe strain of pneumonia which was so named after it affected a number of attendees at an American Legionnaires Convention in 1976. The publication Legionellosis risk management and Legionella control – Guidance for oil and gas facilities, offshore platforms and refineries was commissioned by the Energy Institute (EI) to provide supplementary guidance on the management and control of Legionella in oil and gas facilities such as offshore platforms and refinery fresh water distribution systems including, but not limited to, potable water services. It has been updated to reflect current practices and knowledge.