Managing multiple business requirements with one solution


Courtesy of Antea Group - USA

A European transportation company engaged the services of Antea Group to help manage thousands of permits and associated requirements along their extensive network of railways. The client desired a single database to facilitate the organization, visibility, assignments and tracking of compliance and compliance related activities.

Antea Group proposed iEHS as the tool to support compliance through the efficient management of thousands of permits and their multiple permit requirements along with effective assignment tracking to ensure requirements are satisfied.

Antea Group performed a detailed needs assessment to evaluate how iEHS could be best used for the client considering their unique linear footprint. After developing a solid understanding of how the client operated, a solution was proposed wherein iEHS would manage each track segment as a separate facility for the purpose of maintaining the associated permits, mirroring the structure the client uses to manage their assets.

iEHS was configured based upon the specifications determined in the needs assessment and all permit data were uploaded in one batch. This provided the client with a single central management system available to users throughout their organization.

The client was able to immediately begin proactive compliance management by recording permits, identifying permit requirements and assigning tasks to satisfy requirements. iEHS will allow the client to achieve compliance with fewer resources and significantly reduce regulatory fines and incidents.

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