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Manhole Relining in the Keystone State

Manhole Relining in the Keystone State Mt. Carmel (Pa.) Board of Trustees Turns to Epoxy Lining to Save Failing Structures

Exerpts from Trenchless Technology Magazine, September 2005 issue

Given that estimates for the total amount of sanitary sewer pipes in the United States top 500,000 miles, it is easy to understand how sometimes manholes can be overlooked.

But manholes are a big component of any wastewater system. In fact, there are more than 20 million manholes nationwide, and the need to rehabilitate them is great. Of the 20 million manholes, 4 million are 50 years old or older and another 5 million are between 30 and 50 years old EPA estimates that approximately 50 percent of the oldest and 30 percent of the 30 - 50 year old manholes are in need of immediate replacement of rehabilitation. Because of the harsh conditions within the sewer, sometimes manholes can fail well before the expected 50-year lifespan expires. In the case of Mt. Carmel, Pa., 20 year old manholes in an industrial area were deteriorating badly and were in immediate need of repair.

Another contributor to the advanced state of decay was the fact that maintenance had never been done on a short strip of 8-inch sewer, including 10 manholes, under an abandoned roadway adjacent to an industrial area.

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