Manufactured Gas Plant - Odor and VOC Control


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • AC-645 Long Duration Foam
  • AC-904 Long Duration Foam
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit 400/25

Application Summary:

Rusmar Long Duration Foam products have been used at numerous manufactured gas plant facilities. Often, tanks containing coal tar were filled with soil and other debris from the site before being abandoned.

Old manufactured gas plants are usually located in the center of the town near residential and industrial facilities. Therefore, the control of odors and VOCs, particularly benzene, is very important. The excavation plans usually require that the soil be stabilized prior to being shipped off site for disposal. Rusmar Long Duration Foam is used to control both the odors and VOCs.

During periods of warm weather,when there are emission problems during the stabilization process, AC-645 is applied over the top layer of contaminated soil during active excavations to control emissions. The worst emission problems occur when the contaminated soil is allowed to sit dormant for an extended period of time, particularly overnight. Rusmar AC-645 Long Duration Foam is applied over the top layer of contaminated soil to control emissions when control requirements do not exceed eighteen (18) hours.

If the emission control requirements exceed eighteen (18) hours, such as on weekend or holiday shutdowns, AC-904 Long Duration Foam is applied over the contaminated soil. The AC-904 Long Duration Foam provides superior emission control for up to ten (10) days.

The Pneumatic Foam Unit 400/25 can be used to apply both foam products. The unit is self contained and simple to operate.

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