Manufactured sand as an alternative to river sands


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The introduction of a new EvoWash sand washing plant from CDE has eliminated traditional barriers for Poabs Granite Products, allowing them to produce commercial in-spec concrete sand.

Much of the sand supplied to the market in the Kaliyal region of India has traditionally been dredged from rivers. With growing pressure to reduce the environmental impact of such activities and ever increasing legislation operators are now looking at alternative methods of production for the sand products required to meet the requirements of the planned infrastructure developments in the region.

One such company is Poabs Granite Products who have been operating in the quarrying sector since 1986. The company have recently installed a new 100tph sand washing plant from CDE’s Asian office with its headquarters in Kolkata. The plant was required by Poabs Granite in order to allow them to meet the growing demand for a manufactured sand product for use in concrete manufacture.

Poabs previously operated an extensive crushing operation in Kaliyal and while this brought the stone size down to a manufactured sand specification the problem lay in the high percentage of material passing 150 micron. There are stringent limits set on the volume of material in this range that is permitted in concrete sand and this required that Poabs adapt their existing system to allow for the production of material which would allow the efficient production of a concrete sand product.

Using their previous system, the excessive fines content in the manufactured sand product meant that a large volume of water was required if the product was to be used to manufacture concrete. This essentially ensured that Poabs were not able to manufacture this product as it was not commercially viable. The costs of production were so high that the concrete sand product was not able to be sold to the local market.

The introduction of an Evowash sand washing plant from CDE has eliminated this barrier to market and allows Poabs to produce in-spec concrete sand at a price which has resulted in the company enjoying significant demand for the product. The Evowash system is built around the philosophy that through proper testing of the feed material in the first instance accompanied by details of the final product specification required by the customer it is possible to ensure the production of high quality sand products which meet the target specification.

“CDE has become a name synonymous with world class sand washing systems across the world. The Evowash system is an industry leader in terms of both fines recovery and the production of high quality, high value material” explains Manish Bhartia, Managing Director of CDE Asia. “As a company we pride ourselves on the design of an individually tailored solution for every customer. The installation with Poabs is proof that the system delivers the results required and we are looking forward to further introduction of the system throughout the Indian construction industry in the months and years to come.”

The Evowash system is a compact design incorporating a specialised rubber lined hydrocyclone, a high frequency dewatering screen and a re-circulating slurry pump into a single system. The washed sand product is discharged at approximately 12% moisture content which is significantly less than other sand washing systems available. This offers significant advantages for the customer as it means that the material is ready for market straight from the belts.

“With other sand washing plants operators are required to allow the sand product to dry out before it can be sold on due to the fact that the typical moisture content of the material is up around the 25% to 30% mark” explains Manish Bhartia. “By producing a washed sand product that consistently shows a moisture content of significantly less that 12% we are allowing operators to generate revenue from their material much more quickly than has previously been the case. In addition to this, the specification of the sand product allows operators to secure the maximum commercial price per ton for their material.”

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