Manufacturers see competitive advantage from energy & carbon reductions


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With operations in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Brazil, Argentina and other global regions, Becker Underwood creates and produces specialty bio- agronomic and colorant products for turf management, agriculture, seed treatment, wood recycling, aquaculture, vegetation management, forestry, structural pest control and many other industries. As a global enterprise serving clients in these industries, the manufacturer treats sustainability as a strategic issue in terms of brand equity, product development, operations, compliance risk, and financial impact.

Business Problem

Charted by the CEO, the sustainability department was tasked to establish programs promoting sustainable practices including setting measurable goals for subordinate business units and geographies; tasking these divisions to implement energy conservation, GHG reduction, and other sustainability projects; promoting collaborative GHG reduction efforts with customers, partners, and suppliers; and planning for future cap-and-trade markets. The first problem to solve was data consolidation to generate efficient reporting, performance management, and compliance such as the CEO “scorecard” for his division GMs or reporting to registries such as EPA Climate Leaders. Upon gaining these insights, the next task was to identify potential GHG and energy reduction projects, that would yield the highest ROI while balancing against risk. The final task was to implement approved projects, tracking them systematically to measure progress, and making necessary adjustments along the way.

Without the advantage of climate change expertise in-house, the company required not only software that would enable it to calculate and publicize GHG emissions and energy data, but also consulting services to support them in building a program from scratch.

Why Carbonetworks?

Carbonetworks was selected because Becker Underwood sought a strategic partner who could evolve with their business in a rapidly-evolving, global marketplace. With over ten years experience in developing carbon and GHG management software, Carbonetworks’ won out over a wide array of competitors, large and small, by demonstrating thought leadership, leading technology, and a long term vision.


The project was fully implemented in three weeks modeling scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions enterprise wide. This included in-house and remote training, as well as consulting services to help design the emissions inventory process; incorporate the EPA climate action plan; develop the auditing process; and model GHG reduction strategies that reduce emissions and optimize ROI. The manufacturer’s strategy of modelling the Scope 3 impacts of logistics, including vendors and shipping, is also supported by the Carbonetworks platform. In short, Becker Underwood now has a robust, easy to-deploy enterprise system to manage GHG emissions internally, as well as with their trading partners, to optimize financial returns and brand equity, while minimizing risk.

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