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Manufacturing facility cleaning case study


Courtesy of Enviro-Vac Corp.

The Challenge

A large Industrial manufacturing facility found that their process used to perform the necessary tasks was creating an undesirable accumulation of heavy metals dust throughout the entire plant. Not only was this a potential health risk to the plant workers, there was a structural and safety problem because the dust could spark and cause a fire or explosion.

The Enviro-Vac Solution

The plant operation was housed in a 60,000 square foot – 38’ high building with a dizzying array of ductwork, high voltage electric trays and overhead crane rails. The client gave us a limited window to complete the 'dust-down' work and get them back up and running.

Working with the clients Environmental Health & Safety department and engineering staff, Enviro-Vac developed a suitable plan to meet the necessary schedule, safely, on time and on budget. Enviro-Vac installed an industrial, 40,000 CFM diesel powered, dust collector to place the plant under a negative pressure and utilized 3-large HEPA filtered, diesel vacuum loaders with numerous splitter attachments allowing multiple workers, working from scissor lifts & booms using a 26-man crew for double 12-hour shifts over two weekends to complete all the cleaning work from all surfaces within the plant.

The Result

Better lighting, cleaner air, and a safer working environment. Tons of heavy metal dust and blasting grit was gone.

Enviro-Vac's use of HEPA vacuum loaders for decontamination of facilities and plants has been a trademark of the company since 1976 and the removal of contaminated blast media, extraction by vacuum, industrial cleaning of dust collectors and bag-houses, hazardous waste remediation and other services for hazardous and non-hazardous material handling are well documented.

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