MapAtWork - an efficient tool for making contour maps for workplaces

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General purpose interpolation software has an overkill of functionality for making a simple contour map based on measurements. MapAtWork and NolseAtWork software will significantly reduce the time you would normally spend on getting your maps done.

The Bio plotter

I started at DGMR in 1981 as acoustic consultant. At that time there was no software available for making nice contour maps based on measurements in offices and industries- Therefore the measurement points and measured values were written directly on the paper map of the project area. The contours were then drawn by hand on the paper map while using our 'acoustic eye1. We called this system the 'Bio plotter'. Later on our Bio plotter system was replaced by general purpose interpolation and mapping software for the PC. Although this produced more professional maps it also increased the time we needed to create the maps. It was not as 'intuitive' as our Bio plotter. The main problem was to get the coordinate system and scale correct. Another problem was that the software was to extensive. Most options were not needed for creating a simple contour map based on measurements. So we had to grin and bear it.


In 1986 I switched over from acoustic consultant to software engineer. I focused on intuitive software for acoustic consultants. This resulted in software like the environmental noise prediction software Predictor. In 2008 we started the development of a fit for purpose software for mapping contours based on measurements. This resulted in the NoiseAtWork software release in 2009. This unique software reduces the time needed for the creation of noise contour maps considerably. Scanned maps and CAD drawings can be used as backgrounds. The coordinate system is automatically taken from the digital map. Measured values can be copied and pasted from Excel. Learning to use the software takes 10 minutes. NoiseAtWork is now in use in many countries, especially within the occupational noise sector. So grinning and bearing became smiling and enjoying.


After developing NoiseAtWork we decided to develop a similar software with the same intuitive GUI for mapping any measured indicator for the health, safety and human comfort sectors. For instance temperature, humidity, luminance, air quality, radiation, noise, and dust. This resulted in the MapAtWork software release in 2014.

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