Maple Shade, NJ (Imperial)


Courtesy of inVentures Technologies Incorporated.

Accelerated Bioremediation & Natural Attenuation by iSOC Groundwater Remediation System

iSOC Demo: Site Conditions

  • Active service station
  • Sand & silty sand underlain by silts & clays
  • Depth to groundwater: 6-12 ft bgs.
  • Groundwater velocity: 0.3 - 0.4ft/day (conductivity 1.8 - 2.7 ft-d, gradient 0.028.
  • Historical groundwater MTBE concentrations indicate slugs moving through aquifer.
  • Recovery wells yield up to 1 gpm, existing air stripper/GAC system has iron clogging problems (ferrous iron ~30 - 80 mg/l).


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