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MARCA Landfill gas to Energy project - Brazil case study


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Project Description
The project is being developed by EcoMethane who has invested, designed, constructed, installed and currently operating the LFG collection and flaring systems. In addition, EcoMethane developed the project under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol and placed the carbon credits in the marketplace. When a suitable power purchase agreement is in place, EcoMethane will install and operate the equipment necessary to generate electricity.


  • Economic. Royalties are paid to landfill owner/operator.
  • Technological. The project acts as a clean technology demonstration project, encouraging less dependency on grid-supplied electricity and better management of landfills throughout Brazil, which could be replicated across the region
  • Environmental. Local and global benefits from reduced harmful emissions, as well ensuring safety on the landfill site
  • Social. Reduction of odours from methane emission and improved health to local communities

Emission reductions

  • 2.1 million tonnes of C02e over the next 21 years.

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