March madness, final four, and world ag expo?


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Have you ever experienced an event in your life where the actual experience far exceeded your expectations? Maybe you were set up on a blind date and you agreed to it just to be nice and to full-fill a promise to someone. At the start of the date you weren’t expecting much, but by the end you realized that you had the time of your life. You may have even found true love that night! The outcome far exceeded your expectations.

In my early twenties, my father and I had been given an invitation to attend a Final Four college basketball tournament in Seattle, Washington. We went with a few college coaches from Southern California and were able to get into the national coaches expo the day before the semi-final games of the tournament. It was like that old cliché-being a kid in a candy store. Seeing all of the exhibits relating to the sport that I loved was awesome and it turned out to be one of the greatest days of my life! Then in the championship game with just 3 seconds left, Michigan beats Seton Hall with two Rumeal Robinson free-throws that only added to the impact of that memorable event.

What made that an awesome experience for me was the exciting game, the free stuff from the exhibitors and seeing all of the faces from Dick Enberg to Dick Vitale. It was one of those unforgettable times for me, where the event-what I saw, what I learned, what I got back in returntruly exceeded my expectations.

The 2010 World Ag Expo was another one of these experiences that rivaled that weekend in Seattle, over twenty years ago. While living close to Tulare County, where the Expo is held, I have never attended this show. In fact, I never knew that the show even existed. With a new job, came the opportunity to experience and participate in the WAE. No one told me what I was going to see.  ere was no time for someone to walk me through what I was about to experience. I just went, and it turned into three days of pure enjoyment.

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