MARS-project - Case Study


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Consortium of Dutch and Romanian parties


Romania and the Netherlands

Background and objective

With the support from the Partners for Water programme, a consortium of Dutch and Romanian parties launched a project in Romania. For this project, research is conducted into the feasibility of underground storage for water during periods of severe drought or heavy rainfall. Eijkelkamp provides the knowledge and equipment for the design of a monitoring system.

Partners for Water supports organisations in the Dutch water sector with international ambitions and for more than ten years, it has been involved in innovative, international projects, such as the project in Romania in which the so-called MARS technique is applied. MARS stands for Management of Aquifer Recharge and Storage. In this increasingly applied technique, the available storage options for water in the soil are used to their full potential. Due to the geological and climatic characteristics, Romania is the perfect place for this type of water storage.

The MARS project aims to reduce the risks and dangers of drought and flood, and to contribute to a more efficient water management and water delivery method in Romania. Due to the changing climate, the worldwide demand for expertise in the field of water and water management is increasing. Due to its age-long experience with these issues, the Netherlands has built up an incredible reputation, resulting in projects such as the Romanian MARS project.

What did Eijkelkamp supply

In addition to its expertise, Eijkelkamp also provides the necessary equipment for this project, such as Divers to accurately monitor the groundwater levels, possibly with the option of data transfer via GPRS. In addition to some local partners, Dunea and TU Delft also form part of the partnership.

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